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Wake up, Youth of the World

November 15, 2018

Help us, youth of the world! You are our only hope! It is totally up to the youth of the world to stop the hatred, bigotry, injustices, and wars in today's society. But the youth face a daunting task, to say the least. Yet some of the basic problems can be fixed rather easily. But only the youth of the world can get this job done. The youth of the world are the ones who have not been completely indoctrinated, and thus have a chance to see beyond what society wants you to see. Granted the American educational system has become nothing more than a tool for the indoctrination lessons for your life, that is just the beginning. The military, corporations, organized religion, political parties and so on; they, too, are nothing but indoctrination tools to make you conform to the status quo. These entities train and mold humans into whatever they want or desire, by the simple act of giving humans what they want. More to the point, what the humans were conditioned to desire, in exchange for their most precious commodities, their time, and ultimately, their lives.

Ancient humans wanted food, and the leaders knew this very well. That is how leaders organized their followers, and humanity evolved from hunter gatherers. Then as time progressed, money was invented (around 5,000 BCE). Humans still bartered and traded, but not all humans wanted to get along with their fellow humans, for that is the nature of the beast called human. It is recorded in archaeological history that the invaders from the north started around 4,000 BCE. This is also when the religious beliefs of the humans in that era shifted from matriarchal systems to our current patriarchal systems. Times were much harder back then; the malls and local big box stores were the tribes or villages that were weak and easy targets. While man was just developing the ability to record its own history, they still lacked knowledge, and thus, gave the realm of the unexplained to their deities.

Modern humans are being controlled by these ancient beliefs in myths and legends. But it is our lack of common sense in the translating of these myths and legends that is partially to blame for the degrading membership in organized religions. There are actual translation problems that perpetuate much of the unbelievable that initiates doubt in organized religions. For example, Hebrew can be a tricky language having no vowels in its written form. The word for a unit of time can mean many things by how it is pronounced. So let us look to the Torah for one of the simplest examples in lack of common sense. Methuselah was supposed to have lived to 969 years old; Adam, 930; Seth, 912; Enosh, 905; Lamech, 777; Noah, 950; and Enoch (Methuselah's father) only 365. But is that really possible? Science says NO, and I totally agree. Yet to realize this simple error in the translations, all we have to do is add just a bit of common sense, and we see this result. Early man measured units of time in moons. So if you divide those ages by 13 (approx. moons a year) you get this: Methuselah, 74.5 years old; Adam, 71.5; Seth, 70.1; Enosh, 69.6; Lamech, 59.7; Noah, 73; and Enoch (Methuselah's father) only 28. Now that is believable. But as a child, when you question 969 years, you have all heard "clergy catch lines," especially when a member of clergy can't answer a question, haven't you?

Unfortunately, too many humans of this day and age have settled into their comfort zones. This is nothing more than an indoctrinated mental fortress, stocked and at the ready to defend whatever they have been trained to believe. In basic terms, humans have brainwashed themselves to make themselves strong and survive their day-to-day lives. They cling to the facts that their own personal ideals, beliefs, and experiences have taught them, whether it taught them correctly or not. For that is everything anyone needs to know about life, as far as they are concerned. They stand tall and proud as they tell how they have done things, and what has helped them make their accomplishments in life. So sure and set in their superior righteousness, that they will not budge upon the viewpoints they have been told to believe. They will either find other things to justify themselves, or just flat out stick to their guns. They do not want to believe because, "I'm right, you're wrong, and you can't do anything about it!" (to quote a movie line). But the youth of the world doesn't want to really buy into that idealism. Come on, now. A young girl today knows that nobody is going to believe she saw god and he got her pregnant, so why should they believe that it happened 2,000 years ago? Double standards, much? Why can't they tell you something believable like an older human took in a rape victim because she had no future, and raised the resulting son as his own. Is that so hard?

If the adults above your status had military service/training, then the indoctrination has been professionally applied. Drilled into them on a daily basis. The military historically has done this by keeping strict discipline, but technology has allowed the military to also set up a conservative political agenda. This was done easily before the internet reached the age of mass access, very notable in the cold war era, 40's through the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. Especially in overseas assignments where media like newspapers and television programming was strictly monitored. Middle age adults (approx. age 40-65, depending on the source) for the most part are so entrenched in their ideals that they cannot give, even if faced with overwhelming facts. Heck, I can even empathize with the atheists on their frustrations with some of the religious fanatics that plague the world. Yet are atheists much better than evangelists? Religion is how humans have historically survived and coped with their pitiful day-to-day lives.

Those of us whom have transcended beyond the bonds and shackles of the illusions that have been placed before us in life, we honestly feel sorry for humans. We really do wish that humans would actually listen and practice their individual religions as they should, since all of them preach peace and love. But we are not naive, and know that even in the reincarnation based religions like Hindu's, Buddhists, and Pagans, they are not exempt from idiocy and corruption. Why? Because we are all humans that are driven by our own desires and wants. We pick and choose what we want to believe, which is what ends up making us, or breaking us. The Pagan religions have a simple saying that goes as such. "If you think you are cursed, then you are." It has nothing to do with magic! It is just basic psychology. Simply put, it describes a human's phobias and mental disorders. A simple example is a human that constantly worries and thinks everyone is against them. When it controls their daily life, it is considered a psychological disorder called paranoia. When it doesn't, it is just normal worry. But was it a translation error or paranoia that got fellow humans burnt at the stake? Am I saying that organized religion is a mental disorder? Well, when it comes time to try that shoe on, just be really sure you know which ones you are about to wear: high tops, cowboy boots, or clown shoes.

The truth is before us all; it is out there and available for every intelligent human to find. But there are just too many humans in the world today whom are so indoctrinated that they will never believe it. It is no secret that I do not care for Biblical verses, let alone people quoting an incomplete and highly edited collection of short stories. But if I was still part of the Abrahamic Tradition and had to choose out of the 24 decent passages about truth, I would have to reference John 16:13. But what good would it do for a human who does not want to believe the truth in the first place? Saying you believe in the truth only works if you actually believe the truth, but making it a bottom up requirement only, is unacceptable. That is the main reason organized religion is losing its membership; children don't like to be lied to. Remember how betrayed you felt when you found out about Santa?

Help us, youth of the world! You are the only ones who have a chance to break free and save us from those humans that are steering humanity to its destruction. Don't give up your dreams, for they are your passion in life. Use that passion to make a difference in the world. Don't just sell out and become one of the status quo. Even if making that difference in the world is just for one other human being. It is one human whom you helped to survive and grow as a human soul. Think of how much of an asset you were to that human, or the world itself. Take that passion within your soul and dream about fixing something in the world today. Then don't stop learning and working until you can fix it. Nobody has ever became great by just being part of the status quo. Let alone that the most happiest humans in the world are those who live simple modest lives.

If humans actually told the truth, many would have to admit that they are outright miserable just being part of the status quo. If the youth of the world refused to keep fighting these pointless wars, then there would be no need for the grief caused by being a human meat shield, commonly referred to as a bullet stopper. The youth need to start living their life, not the life someone else wants them to live. Care for what you want to care about, and love who you want to love. It is your life, so why spend it in hate and turmoil? Refuse to hate those whom you are told to hate. Find peace in your heart, and enjoy your life. For the only person that can change something you don't like about your life, is yourself. One of the greatest pieces of advice the man I call my father told me, was to make sure I was happy in what I decide to do in life. It is much better than being miserable.

But what other choices do you have? Do as you are told? Let the humans in charge pull on your puppet strings? After all, they want you to be just like them. Expendable resources used by the ruling class that strive to live the most decadent and gluttonous lifestyles possible. Doomed to live in misery because they spend all their time on that hamster wheel, trying to prove they are better than everyone else, whom are also stuck on hamster wheels, trying to do the same. Using the terms related to my favorite Buddhist writings: These poor humans are stuck in the lower realms of Ten Worlds because the souls are too lazy and content. They lack the will and fortitude, let alone the mental awareness required to transcend to the higher worlds.

I can not answer for every youth in the world today, but know that I would rather be an asset than an expendable resource, any day.

So says the Hai Druid.