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Initial Impressions and Karma

July 13, 2018

Many of you have heard the saying, "trust your initial impressions," basically telling you that your first instinct should be trusted. While that does have its merits, it does not really ring true if you understand the workings of karma. While that first impression of hate, fear, distrust or even love/lust is strong, it may not be the truth. That person could have been someone in charge of you in a past life, they may have been a strict leader, or they could have had control of the very life and death of souls. They could have been someone you had a whirlwind relationship with, but then died in war, or as in many cases, told you whatever they could to land you, only to discard you when they got bored or found something new. The initial impression is not always a true judge of that soul, let alone how long your love will last. Your soul within may remember them, but rarely do they fully remember right away. Things that they may have done during the course of a past life, while they stumble to learn life's lessons, can cloud your judgment. They may have ended up being a good, loyal, and trusted friend and/or lover, but your soul needs to remember that to override the initial impression. We all know those men and women who only go for the superficial beauty ultimately end up being hurt; those who chase after the bad boys/girls and wonder why they keep getting screwed over. Frankly, their souls have not learned better, yet. So next time you see someone you suddenly do not trust or someone you think you can trust fully, do not let it cloud your judgment. You could be letting go or pushing away your real true love and/or true friend. Then again, you could be bringing a soul into your life that will make you regret that you had ever met them. Karma dictates that you will once again meet those who were emotionally significant to you in your past lives, but you normally get the same first impression of them as you did in that past life. Without clean karma and actual meditation, you will not remember who they really are, let alone if they ended up being the most honorable person your soul has ever met, or the one that ended up taking you for all you were worth. While they may have been someone who did you wrong in a past life or ended up being your friend, they can be a new soul you have never met, a soul that karma placed there for you to learn from, a vehicle for karma. I am NOT saying to immediately embrace them or push them away, but give them a cautious chance. Their soul may have learned some lessons since your paths crossed last. But they could also be someone who has wronged you and will do it again, because you blindly trusted them. That initial impression of the soul who conned you throughout a past life would be favorable, just like it was back then. It takes time for your soul to remember. Just like it took time for them to either be your friend or to screw you over. Then again, it could just be as simple as the difference in energy types of the shell that your soul occupies. But that is a different topic all together.

The Hai Druid.