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Philosophies for the
21st Century

Words from the Hai Druid


December 16, 2016

In this time of giving, let us not forget what the true meaning of the winter solstice meant, before all the other traditions took over, in a time when man was still young. Back then, elders would gather and talk about all that were in their watchful care, for they were the teachers, scholars, and holders of ancient knowledge. Life was rough back then. They did not have a local Walmart or even a Circle K. No, food was scarce, and those were just the simplest of problems. For in those days, you did not have a secure home with our central air and heat. Man was not even on the top of the food chain yet, for many fell prey to the animals with claws and sharp fangs, for there were not the modern day bullet launchers, let alone the strength of steel, for it had yet to be discovered. People took the time they spent in the caves whiling away the long winters and hoping that the food would last them till the days of spring when they could find food, for they were nothing but hunters and gatherers. They did not have stockpiles of grain, yet they did learn to keep meat frozen. Back then, they made simple gifts for each other by their own hands, be it a small doll which archaeologists, along with many others, are so keen on calling ancient goddesses, or a stone spear tip for a young man's first weapon. Yes, back then life as a human was very rough indeed, for only the strong and intelligent survived. Elders helped pass their knowledge through stories and suggestions to the young, guiding them, and preparing them for life itself. The winter solstice marked the point when the life giving sun, which was revered as a God, would start to shine more and more. It was a sign of hope that they would endure the toughness of winter, and gave them hope for making it to the spring. So in this time of the rush to get that perfect gift for Uncle Tom or Aunt Shelly, do not forget the elders in the world. Take the time to share a smile with that old cranky lady that lives nearby, or help the old veteran with his shopping cart and groceries. For if it was not for their efforts when you were not even thought of, you would not exist. Give back to them the respect that they deserve, because they have lived a rough life that you do not understand. They didn't have the wonderful things we take for granted today. In the 1940's if you had told someone that one day they would be able to chat with Egypt without speaking a word, they would have thought you crazier than a loon, but today we have the internet and access to information they could only dream of. But would we have these miracles today if it was not for their effort in the past? I dare say no, we would not. For if they had failed to pass down the knowledge to their young, mankind itself would have never made it. Give them their due, give them respect. Plus, a bit of love because their bones ache, and their muscles are sore from making your way of life so easy.

So says the Hai Druid.