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21st Century

Words from the Hai Druid


December 18, 2016

I have often said the humans will believe what they want to believe, be it truth or fiction. While I find this very self explanatory, some people do not really understand what it means. It all really boils down to choice. We as humans are faced with choices every day of our lives. Whether it be a choice of what clothes to wear or whether we have to really go to work that day, we have choices to make. We are pressured by society, and of course laws, to make the choices the majority of humans believe to be correct. Some choices we make are in direct violation of the law, whether it be driving faster than the posted speed limit, sparking up that joint in a state where it is illegal, or taking that pistol and sending some poor soul to their next incarnation early. But do we really consider the consequences of the choices we make? No, not really, for we think we won't get caught, or we are too smart to get caught. After all, everything is legal until you do get caught, right? The old saying, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime" is quite true. Some choices we make are part of a bigger picture; like who shall be in charge of our collective well being for the next four years? Everyone chooses and picks sides based upon their personal beliefs, the charisma of the individual involved, and the rhetoric that they preach, but do we actually think past that and find out the truth about what is going on? No, not really, for we are content in our opinion that we are right, and that is all there is to it, standing our ground against any logical argument because we are right, because we believe we are right. Yet again, when all the rhetoric and promises are never fulfilled, we wonder why. Duh, you actually believed that stuff? Yeah, you did. We live in a society where children are no longer taught consequences for their actions; a society where everyone gets a trophy for participating, win or lose; where everyone should get equal treatment no matter what. Then when they reach adulthood they learn there are consequences for their actions. While they were able to get through school by just having good attendance, they find that a job will fire them if they don't work. That paycheck is not a guaranteed thing to get by just showing up. Heck the raising of minimum wage, while yes it does need to go up, will only cause everything to cost more because the companies and corporations have to make up for the losses they incur due to paying their employees more. That or they just replace the human with a machine that costs less in the long run. Yeah, those automated cashiers and kiosks are becoming more prevalent in the retail and fast food industry. I know there are people out there that are saying, "You are just crying, do you need a safe place?" To them I just laugh for their ignorance; it's amusing to me. They are some of the most ignorant choice makers there are. They only listen to one side and will not even consider listening, or even giving the opposing side a moment of consideration. A truly intelligent human would listen to both sides, let alone do some personal research to be more informed. Unfortunately those intelligent humans are in the minority in this day and age. Life itself is about choices, and the choices we make not only determine what will happen to us in the future, but in our incarnations to come. Take time to make informed choices, people. Granted, there are exceptions where we have to think quickly and make critical choices. However, if we have gone through life making well informed choices, then you will have a better chance of making those critical choices that will be more beneficial in your life, let alone the lives of others. Now back to my original statement. Which do you think will be better for your life? Believing the truth about things, or believing the blissful ignorance of fiction? For some that choice is simple, for others they would rather stay in the ignorance of fiction because they do not want to face the truth. Truth is really stranger than fiction and oh so much scarier. Truth may make people nervous, doesn't normally make you popular at parties, but truth will help you survive. Choice is part of what is called free will. It is part of our freedom to choose in this great nation of ours. So make your choices wisely, for that choice may be the difference between happiness or total destruction.

So says the Hai Druid.