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2021 Quick Fix

September 03, 2021 (edited)

In most circles, it isn't right to complain about something if you do not have or cannot come up with a plan to solve the issue. In order to make an attempt at solving the current crisis that our planet faces, I will address the Ice Caps. The easiest and most viable solution will take a multi-national task force. While New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa can take care of the South Pole, Canada, Iceland, and Norway would have to take care of the North since the Un-United States is in such turmoil. The most viable solution is for Royal Canadian Air Force to carpet bomb with nitrogen tanks using C4 detonation and depth charge fuses just in front of the advancing ice sheet. The resulting flash freezing of the already cooling water with the advancement of the ice sheet would reinforce the ice sheets and make them last longer. The reason for the air delivery is two fold. With the nature of flash freezing, if you used a torpedo from a submarine, the crystalline creation from the flash freeze would follow the wake of the torpedo and make a submarine popsicle. If you used a battleship, you are playing with death. If you have ever tried to hold a ball underwater, you will understand. After all, having a battleship tossed around like a cat toy would be a big embarrassment. I venture to say the Ice Caps could be returned to the 1970's level in 3 years. Europe needs to prepare for more rain, and then there is China. Truthfully, if you want to appoint your own Dali Lama, that is your mistake. It would be easier to give North Korea vermifuge tablets and FOOD! The people of North Korea would do anything for you if you just gave them those two items.

Now on to America. Unfortunately I cannot call us the United States, anymore. Historically, the founding fathers created this country to NOT be led by ANY religion. In fact, religion controlling the government was what they were fighting against. That is very well documented and common knowledge to anyone who has higher learning in American History. The founding fathers wanted NO RELIGION to run America. Currently there are 20 States that are trying to sue to get rid of certain equality sections of the 1972 Education Act. Not surprising that 10 of the 20 states cannot even produce enough to even make up 1% of the Gross National Product and are controlled by 33% of the Abrahamic Tradition. What is also not surprising is that most all of these states have not even accepted the 1964 Civil Rights Act, let alone the 1993 Religious Freedom Act. It is not surprising since we have legal counsel for an orange guinea pig, combover ex-leader who tries in vain to manipulate Federal Law. Lawyers, get a clue! What were you doing the first day of Federal Law class? You must have been reading the course syllabus when they announce that Federal Law supersedes itself so it cannot be Grandfathered. Mr. Cohen plainly stated that the individual committed the ultimate crime. Didn't any of you watch the old gangster movies? The ultimate crime is "TAX EVASION!" You go, New York! Bury that dirtbag!

Now on to further problems with our America, folks. I, just like all of you normal humans without burdens of wealth privileges, would be in jail if our checkbook was ran like our government runs the country. Why are they giving and budgeting money to line the pockets of the oligarchs? They could re-commission the Civil Engineers and have them rebuild the country again. Thus lining the pockets of the people, not the pockets of the rich. Unfortunately that would make sense, not to line their own or their state's pockets and be helpful to the general population, so it is not a viable government solution for our politicians. Even if a true hero came out in America, not some pretty face that can throw a ball with pinpoint accuracy, but someone who actually fights for the people, it is almost impossible to become the president. While Robin Williams did a fantastic rendition of what would happen if a comedian made it to the White House, it is still rather daunting. While there are 9 states currently that do not allow write-in candidates, they only control 54 electoral votes so they are of no consequence. There are 7 states that do not require one to register as a write-in candidate, yet they include the likes of Vermont, which is anything but great since they are dead last in Gross National Production with an economy that is less productive than the country of Tunisia. Not sure about any leadership that comes from a state that can only contribute 0.16% of the Gross Domestic Production. The remaining require a lot of signatures, along with whatever else they have come up with, to deter the poor from getting a hero in office.

As far as I am concerned, I wouldn't even consider it unless the people show up with enough signatures to run in all 31 states. I may be a healthy 63 years old male whose life expectancy is from 7 to 8 seconds if I sever a major artery, to 50 more years depending on modern medicine. But my wife and I are content living on my meager military retirement and social security. We like helping the poor in our area and doing our artwork to fund the help given to those who are oppressed by the system. So I can not afford it, unless we make major art sales which would destroy my social security benefits. Plus, I don't want that job. I could do it, but I don't want it. So I am going to start something inspired by Jeff Foxworthy and "Here is your Sign." Combine those for "Don't write me in." It goes like this. If you like government subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, don't write me in. If you like religious non-profit status, don't write me in, after all most states have laws written for the Abrahamic Tradition, anyway. If you like the fossil fuel industry at all, don't write me in. If you hate the EPA, don't write me in, I would give them more power than you could imagine. If you like Nuclear Energy, don't write me in. They would be shut down right away and I would grant the first government contract to the best magnetic free energy design made. If you don't like universal health care, don't write me in. If you don't like universal income, don't write me in. If you don't want America to be a leader in feeding the world, don't write me in. If you want a photogenic president that does whatever the oligarchs tell him, don't write me in. If you want a president that will give you a false state of the union address to bolster the people, don't write me in, I would go into drill sergeant mode with congress and the house of representatives. If you want someone that will be polite to all the foreign countries, don't write me in. If you want to continue to have the education system dumb down your children, don't write me in. If you want to continue having all your textbooks controlled by a state that most all the members of the house and senate could not pass an Army General Test with a score high enough to be an Officer in the military, let alone any of my jobs skills, don't write me in.

By now you understand, our current system needs rebuilt and restructured to reflect this current day and age under the original concept that NO RELIGION runs this country. This is supposed to be the United States, not the States of "I Don't Want To." You are a bunch of pathetic children who need to receive some corporal punishment and learn that there are consequences for your actions. Just withholding Federal Funds is not good enough. Jail time should be required for violation of Federal Law. The state of the union is in total turmoil with the government blatantly lying to the people. There are more and more people seeing through the illusion that is being cast by the mass media of today. Police scanner sites keep track of what really goes on in the cities. The general population is really clueless on the turmoil. I was once proud of this country, I joined the military out of a sense of duty for the country. Only to find that the country itself and the government it created, are the people's worst enemies. I am afraid that if something doesn't happen to wake up the entire country, civil war will repeat itself in the near future. Especially when the time comes for all of us to be pre-cooked but not pre-packaged. (see yeartisanslair(dot)com/words/a-druids-perspective.html) Please do not read any of the rest of my writings if you belong to the Abrahamic Tradition (Christian/Catholic, Muslims, and Jewish). Due to your dogmatic teachings you will have problems with the higher learning available. Granted most of the teachings are simple to advanced Buddhist concepts and principles for the meat eating humans living that way of life. The teachings of the Abrahamic Tradition you have undergone make you extremely susceptible to cognitive dissonance. This is also the reason that the Abrahamic Tradition is so violent and susceptible to fanatics, too. IQ is short for intelligence quotient and measures a persons reasoning ability. Most members of the Abrahamic Tradition do not score very high on these tests for some reason.

So says the Hai Druid.