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21st Century Horror

August 12, 2021

For Intellectuals Only

Todays social, economical, and science problems can all be blamed on one common problem. Manipulation of humans to maintain control through fear. The comparisons in human history for what is transpiring in our current age is quite worrisome. The example I will use is with Roman leadership orchestrating the Pagan invasion. It was someone's cleanup of attempts at manipulation, through what in that day and age was known as "magic." Many cultures had long outlawed practices that the humans in Rome started using, for reasons that were not recorded. In Rome's case, this was the practice of brushing one's teeth with urine that had become all the rage. Which senator got the ancient Babylonian spell of control is unknown, but ammonia poisoning creates willing, fairly programmable, and basically mindless slaves. The IQ of humans affected by ammonia poisoning is drastically reduced to the lower double digit range. They are also very paranoid and suffer from high anxiety. This problem also occurs with/by willing or accidental ingestion or inhalation of numerous automotive products on the market in today's fossil fuel society, along with any longterm amphetamine addict. As with ammonia poisoning, it causes irreparable damage to the medulla oblongata. The return of the Roman General just a bit too late to stop the Pagans sacking Rome was masterful. This was well thought out; what better way to kill off the excess stupid, scared, frightened morons and the senate! They had already sent all their prisoners to the front line to stop the invasion. These untrained outlaws were slaughtered of course since they, too, were suffering from Ammonia poisoning and facing seasoned troops. While this demonstrates population control through war, it is also relevant to the current drug trade world wide. This drug trade still has problems with current cleanup procedures of those they no longer want or wish to throw away. This is orchestrated by manipulators in charge of the local drug trade.

Most social issues of modern society revolve around an informal social/monetary caste system which is prevalent in most societies, even the most advanced. While advanced societies also have flaws, as do all systems, the achievement they have made are vastly superior to the Neanderthalic way the Big 3 (Russia, China, and USA) manage things. By withholding the basic needs of a human, the rich control the poor in all countries. Basic problems for the poor are food, shelter, medical care and clothing. These problems are not just for the poor, these basic needs are unobtainable for the majority of humans under the current social systems in place. In the United States, hospital care from an unexpected emergency guarantees the poor stay poor. One hospital stay without, or at times even with insurance, and a human is liable to incur a substantial debt. Collection of debts is a very large business under current laws in the United States. These collections are detrimental to any human just trying to make a living because they only have a limited education, thus limited income. Drugs are highly prevalent with the lower castes in any society because it is the poor that need money, and the drug lords use the poor to sell the drugs to the rich. That has been going on just as long as prostitution. In the United States the current system creates drug addicts on a constant basis, and not just with the known opioid crisis. They place their children whom they deem "problems" on Ritalin, which is an amphetamine. They are prescribed the drug until they are teens, then treatment is ended. This method causes withdrawals and makes them extremely susceptible to the drug dealers that have what their bodies physically need, due to the type of addiction. The poor children whose families need basic needs, sell the drugs to higher caste kids to make money because the jail sentences for children are less than adult prison terms. Creating a lucrative drug trade among the lower crime lords in our society. Further problems arise with trade ingredients of commonly used items. How many chemists out there know that certain eye irritation remedies consists of C17H21NO4 and C17H23NO3, the possession or sale of which is supposed to be a mandatory 7 year prison sentence in more than just the United States? Stranger yet to most intellectuals is that the possession or sale of those chemicals in some foreign countries is a death sentence. H5C2OC2H5 is the main ingredient in amphetamines, and it is produced rather easily using two common ingredients readily available. Anyone who has taken organic chemistry knows these facts. Along with the process to turn the ether into a crystalline structure. European countries have made some success with decriminalization of drugs, for they are starting to realize supply and demand cannot be stopped. Therefore, those societies that come to this realization make sure that those who do become substance abusers have clean supplies and untainted drugs. These countries have had the most success overall, especially in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS, let alone the reduction in loss of life from tainted substances.

Most all the economical issues countries face are obtaining adequate basic human needs and supplying them to the humans they control. Truthfully the idea that a small country can become self sufficient terrifies the current World Order of the Big 3. This Oligarchy that controls the world has to be eliminated. But the only way this can be accomplished is by cooperation, not control. Supplying food has become, and is, paramount in today's society. Mechanized and computerized stacked gardening should be a standard in all countries with high population densities. California has all kinds of ways to produce adequate produce for the masses of humans in the world today. It is a wonder that we haven't made Beef Industry Ships. Re-fitting cargo and/or cruise ships as floating stockyards. Grain is fed to beef the last 30 days before slaughter to whiten the fat, thus clarifying the taste. This could be accomplished on the trip to any country where they can be slaughtered and packaged just prior to arrival. A fleet of ships could even process hides for leather, dry fertilizer, and even utilize other by-product processing on the return trip to pick up more beef, to include pet food production. Having just one ship in the fleet dedicated to slaughter only would insure proper hygiene.

Science has been decimated by the oligarchy system that is currently in place. The basic needs and luxuriates of the science community is being supplied by special interests that are only after profit, not progress. They pay the scientists to study areas that keep them from being productive for society. They pay one group to prove something is right while paying another to prove it is wrong. Scientist life expectancy also has a tendency to be very short if they come up with inventions that are detrimental to the fossil fuel industry. After all, if you can get a pair of magnets to spin a piece of metal to power an LED light. You can get a gyro with proper gear ratio to create endless power. How many inventions have been destroyed by the industries whose profits would disappear if the invention becomes a reality? Automotive and Fossil Fuel Industries as a whole have caused great damage to the freethinkers in our current society. The entire scientific system is in disarray.

In the United States the military requires a general education test prior to joining. Periodic testing should be required for any leadership position, let alone any position where the life of another human being is in jeopardy. Not just intelligence/competence tests but full MRI's of the brain to check for abnormalities in a frequency based upon level of public service. While we all like those charismatic candidates who speak to the people, we have had more than one charismatic leader in world history who has had mental problems. Nero, Mussolini, Hitler, and that one fake tanned ex-leader that every country in the world was wondering about, just to name a few. While I will not go as far as to say that everyone that can vote, needs to vote. I will say that all intellectuals in the world have to be frustrated by all the unintelligent humans who blindly follow and vote for morons. In America, we are having more problems than any news agency could even think of publishing. All those who have bought into the same system the police in the United States use to monitor phones and computers, by authorization of the Patriot Act, know this, of course. For those who have not, the current unrest in the United States is being caused by our own law enforcement authorities paying more attention to money and special societies with clout, than the actual laws. The American public is tired of being lied to and are on a low simmering boil of mistrust that is about to become a rolling boil of anger. These next elections will be the turning point for the United States. I just hope enough people with the gift of common sense take up the cause. All the world leadership needs to take a long moment to rethink what they are doing, because not all poor are unintelligent. This is a real big misconception of the ruling elite. Let alone the basic fact that currency as we know it is all made up, anyway. Is there a country out there that is using the gold standard anymore? Ironically we have evolved from Bitcoins to a known con-man inventing his own currency.

The Hai Druid