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Philosophies for the
21st Century

Words from the Hai Druid

The World on the Edge

December 16, 2016

We as humans now face the turning point of our existence on this world. Will we destroy ourselves with the hatred, fear, self loathing and gloom of despair? Or will we rise above those primitive emotions and face our fears with the strength of love and kindness in our hearts? It is like the age old battle between good and evil that is found in all the religions in the world. Will we defeat the evil Gods of the 21st Century? Corruption, Greed, Money just to name a few. Or will those evil forces destroy all that we have left? For like many true believers in Mother Earth have said. Only when the last fish is caught, when the last animal is killed, when the plants will no longer grow, only then will we realize that money cannot buy back what we have destroyed. But how do we defeat such evil? The answer has been preached by what most all the religions have preached since time began. We defeat it with LOVE. But when we use love, do not let the evil walk over you. Do not let the evil infect you with fear and doubt. Use your intelligence that makes you superior to the ignorance that is oh so apparent. Use intelligence to defend and defeat the injustice that plagues us all.

So says the Hai Druid.