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Philosophies for the
21st Century

Words from the Hai Druid


December 16, 2016

Some say life is but an illusion. For those that have enlightenment, they know this to be true. But to others that cannot grasp the concept, it sounds very strange. It really isn't that hard to understand, if it is explained properly. Humans believe what they want to believe, be it truth or fiction. Humans also see what they want to see, be it truth or the illusion they create in their own minds. This can cause people to do all kinds of things that they may later regret because humans are so quick to judge a book by its cover even though they do not know the contents. Why do humans do this? Well, it could be for numerous reasons due to preconceived prejudice from how they have been raised. Those of one faith hate those of others because of the rivalry that started centuries ago. Rumors and gossip are another way that humans create illusions in their perception of others. A human that has a bitter divorce may perceive the child, that was a result of that marriage, as being the same as their ex spouse. For that matter, many parents only see their child as a child no matter their age. In fact, ignorance and hate itself can cause humans to create illusions. But how do we dispel these illusions that our own minds create? We must rise above the ignorance and hate that life itself has taught us. We must destroy ignorance with knowledge and obliterate hate with love. Not an easy task for humans to accomplish. It is so much easier to give into the hate, so much easier to live in the false bliss of ignorance. So rise up, mankind. Erase your hate and ignorance. For the sake of the human race itself.

So says the Hai Druid.