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A Druids Perspective on the World Today

June 11, 2021

Many of the ancient religions tried their best to explain the end times, but lacked the available written language to do so adequately. In common terms, this isn't the first time man has faced what is about to happen. There is a lot of talk today about "Global Warming." One side is arguing that it's caused by man, the other says it's not. The ironic fact, our modern language is now so complex that both sides are correct. The question should be, "How do we fix it?"

Once the ice caps are gone, the earth loses its cooling system! But how many people out there know what that means? Let me put this, too, in common, easily understood terms. If you lose electricity to your home, what happens to everything in the fridge and freezer if you don't get the power back? You could run down to one of the corporate hardware stores available in most cities and get a generator. Can you run there to get new ice caps for the planet? Doubtful. The fridge doors are not big enough, are they? Is my attitude showing?

After the ice caps are gone, the earth will start to heat up. Of course global humidity (humidity is a term Oklahomans understand, Minnesota residents may have a problem until next decade, but they, too, will learn) will also rise very rapidly. Back in the 70's the first lesson in my High School Chemistry class was heat acceleration. Common terms, it takes a while for heat to get going, but once it does, it shoots up to boiling quick. Same thing will happen at our planets equator (that center area around the planet that we get a lot of fruit from). But don't let anyone fool you. Science knows that the temperatures reached tropical levels at the poles just before the last Ice Age (they are correct). Common language again, if there are tropical temperatures at the poles, then the humidity at the equator will boil the skin off any mammal (humans are mammals), amphibian, bird, or reptile. Common terms, meat will be pre-cooked, but not pre-packaged. Poached fish, anyone? Still have that attitude, don't I?

When the humidity and air pressure of the planet reaches a high enough level, water laden air (high humidity) will sooner or later escape out from the dark side (night side) of the earth into the absolute zero temperatures of space (-459 F or -273 C). This will cause a rapid freezing of the atmosphere and thus forming a huge chunk of the ice about the size of any of the major continents (North America, Africa, South America... hope you caught on by now). Global weather will go nuts. Within a year the entire planet will be covered by ice and snow for an incalculable period of time (It is based on the size of that chunk of ice). There will be massive global shifts (earthquakes are kiddie rides compared to them) since that chunk of ice will cause the planetary wobble that science hasn't quite figured out (Can you say continental divide? We could split in half there. It is possible, it's happened before). Maybe they have, but I haven't found that, yet.

Man will survive. Now I grant you it would be a lot better if everyone meditated to change the collective consciousness (the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society) which includes, but is not limited to raise not just their voices! BUT THEIR VOTES! In unison! TO! Drum roll, please..... FIX THE ICE CAPS!!!!!!!!!

For me, reincarnation, it's a curse, really. While reincarnation is a reality, starting over isn't fun. You have to relearn everything, again. Only advantage is, if you have a passion for something, you pick it up right away. Baa Baa, oh look another sheep. They really won't last long when the scavengers get them. Not good to be them. I have my own people to take care of. Nah, I'm joking. They know how to take care of themselves. Or at least, they better, by now.

The Hai Druid