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21st Century

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December 16, 2016

Today, I will speak about Imagination. Primarily controlled by the brain in conjunction with the third eye chakra. Do you need an operating third eye to have imagination? No, not really, for the mind is the most powerful thing the human animal possesses. This season is the time of imagination, but it has lost its way to new technologies. Why, when I was a child, an appliance box was many things: A fort or secret club house, possibly even a battleship or bunker. A stick could be a rifle or bazooka. Don't forget those ever important blanket/couch cushion forts in the living room while the parent(s) were at work. Imagination was a powerful thing back then, and it's something that many children have never experienced beside the brief stent of believing in good old Saint Nick. But that illusion is easily broken when you get underwear and socks instead of what you have been dreaming about. Let alone the children of underprivileged families that cannot afford enough food, let alone the latest i-whatever. Besides the occasional meme or movie reference, when was the last time you attended a little girl's tea party with her stuffed animals? Those that have are the lucky ones. So in this time of giving and sharing, do not forget to take the time to share the power of imagination. Because if it wasn't for imagination we would not have achieved space travel, have computers and i-gadgets, or even cured many diseases for it had to be imagined before it could be achieved. Yes, I, too, look forward to the day when the imagination of Gene Roddenberry's space travel becomes a reality.

There are the drawbacks of imagination, too. I just hope we don't find other beings that are as primitive and war like as the human animal. Especially if they have more advanced killing machines than we unfortunately do. Yes, imagination can be bad, too. Look at all these human animals that fight each other over their personal beliefs, afraid of each other because they have believed the rhetoric that has been handed down to them by their so called pious leaders, never really taking the time to see if the rhetoric is true or false, or just believe that every one of them is like the bad apples we can find in all groups. We see that in the ever lasting war of the Islamic-Muslim/Catholic-Christian conflict, let alone those supposed righteous beliefs versus the free thinking and progressive beliefs (OK, a spade is a spade, Catholic-Christians vs Spiritualism-"New Age"). It always boggles me on how groups that are strictly forbidden to be around another group supposedly know everything that the other group is doing, and of course it is always bad, evil, or forbidden. Those are just a few things where imagination is not beneficial, let alone harmful to people who have not done anything to merit the hate and prejudice.

I hope and dream that the human animal will finally realize the true power of love, kindness, and respect for one another. This is a dream many enlightened human animals wish more than anything, for the rest of the human animals to finally receive that enlightenment gift. It is painfully unfortunate that the Parents of the Universe cannot bestow that gift upon the human animals, for it must be learned.

So says the Hai Druid.