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Philosophies for the
21st Century

Words from the Hai Druid

The Awakening

December 16, 2016

The time of awakening is upon us. With the rise of the "New Age" religions, many people are finding peace and tranquility with spirituality instead of the main stream monotheistic religions. But with this, everyone should take their time while exploring and learning what is out there. Humans tend to become obsessed very easily. Like the Guru who, through life's experiences, finally sees the wonders of a de-calcified third eye. While admitting the existence of the other chakras, he may tend to obsess overly on the third eye, crediting it as the key to everything. Even crediting it with the abilities of the other chakras. Kind of like the western philosophies giving the chakras easy to remember colors whereas the eastern (Hindu and Tibetan) philosophies give them the color (if any) directly corresponding to that they have observed over multiple incarnations. Who is right? Well, that you must experience on your own, for both could be correct as far as those colors are concerned. After all, if you grow up calling a Tree of Heaven a Mimosa, then to you, it is a Mimosa, even though it is not. Again, this is because humans tend to think in a self centered fashion, believing their way is always the right way and failing to keep their minds open to other opinions. Like a child that has been given a new toy to play with, they can play with it so much that they ignore what is around them, ignoring their duties and chores, let alone the all important studies. They do this to such an extent that their mother finally takes the toy away until they can once again learn how to balance play with life and play with it correctly. (yes we can substitute Wi-Fi password for toy) So if you do find that you have a gift from the great "Parents of the Universe", remember to use it wisely, and keep an open mind to others. For if you don't, the "Parents of the Universe" may just take that gift away if you are not worthy enough to have it.

So says the Hai Druid.