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21st Century

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The Ten Worlds

by The Hai Druid

December 27, 2016

The first of the ten worlds is but a label as we all know. For it is the life a soul leads with the desire to destroy themselves with or without everything in a karma radius. You devoid your mind totally of freedom. That in itself is extreme and indescribable suffering. If you live in that world, WHY?

The second world has a label, too, and it roughly translates to Hunger, but that is not quite right. For it states that Greed is the World of Hunger. That desire for food, wealth, carnal pleasures, power, and so forth. The soul is tormented by the relentless craving and by its inability to assuage it.

This world is the third world that is referred to as the three evil paths or san'akudo. The label for this world is the world of Animality. The world of big business as a whole. Basically it is those that prey upon the ones weaker than themselves. Feeding upon each other without pause to think about their own lives or what they are doing to those around them. They do not respect the strong, oh no, they fear them like prey fears a predator. Yet they despise anyone weaker for fear that they will one day destroy them.

The forth label for a world is Anger. Ruffly translated, this world is described as Perversity in the world of Anger. The soul that lives in the world of Anger is motivated by the warped desire to be better than everyone else. It is especially difficult for members of that world when they are confronted by someone that is better, let alone, has obvious proof. Most of the ones that are trapped in this world live in an illusion of lies that keep them thinking they are better than everyone. Which more than not, the members of the World of Anger never can prove anything. (Much like those idiots that think they can do what I do without the 20 years of study in the art.) While a member of the world of anger is like a hawk searching for its prey to take advantage of, the one that is not in that world would act more like an owl. With wisdom but brutal reality he stands knowing because that soul has proof. Be the owl like me, not the hawk like all those others out there.

The Fifth world's label is Humanity or Tranquility (nin), Calmness is the world of Humanity. In this state, one can pass fair judgment, control his instinctive desires with reason, and act in harmony with his environment.

The sixth world is labeled as the state of heaven or rapture. "Joy is the world of Rapture." This world indicates the sense of pleasure which one experiences when their desire is fulfilled. However, the joy in this world of Heaven is temporary and disappears with the passage of time or with even a slight change in circumstances.

These six worlds from Hell to Heaven are called the six paths (rokudo). A majority of people spend most of their time moving back and forth among the six worlds or paths. In these states, one is governed totally by his reactions to external influences and is therefore extremely vulnerable to changing circumstances.

The seventh world, but also the first of the four noble worlds. The world of "Learning". (shomon) This is a condition a soul awakens to the impermanence of all things and the instability of the first six worlds. They seek some lasting truth and aims at self-reformation through the teachings of others. Souls of Learning originally meant those who listen to the Buddha preach about acquiring emancipation from earthly desires.

The eighth world has the label of Realization (Japengaku) This is the world that one perceives the impermanence of all phenomena and strives to free themselves from the sufferings of the six evil worlds. The soul does this by seeking lasting truth through his own observations and efforts. Souls of Realization (Skt pratyekabuddha) originally meant those who attain a form of emancipation by perceiving the twelve-linked chain of causation or by observing natural phenomena. Learning and Realization are called the two vehicles (Jap nijo). The defect of the two vehicles lies in the fact that the soul in these states seeks only their own salvation.

The ninth world has an honorable label I must say. For it is the state of Bodhisattva. In this state, one not only aspires for enlightenment himself, but also devotes himself to compassionate actions. The characteristic of Bodhisattva lies in this dedication to altruism.

The tenth and last of the Ten Worlds is the state of Buddhahood (butsu). This is a condition of perfect and absolute freedom in which one enjoys boundless wisdom and compassion and is filled with the courage and power to surmount all hardships. A Buddha understands all phenomena and realizes the Middle Way.

So says the books. Well, let's face it. Yeah, those bad worlds have so many young souls in them, it is hard to tell where they are even at now a days. Many Buddha's (there are thousands upon thousands of them) are so frustrated by the sheer number of young souls that do not want to take their hands to see the light, it pains them. Buddha's don't want the job of what they do, but that is just it, they will do the job. The world is falling apart around them, and all any one can truly say with wisdom is you can not help everyone. Some souls are just too young. Some are so stuck on the lies they have been told throughout the centuries that they can not even see the truth. Some are so obsessed with today's new brain sucker the cell phone, that is all they can use. Many Buddha's really need to take a break. Many have been so obsessed by their causes that they do not see the simple answers they once knew. WALK AWAY! If they are that ignorant.


So says the Hai Druid.