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February 05, 2017

In the Buddhist teachings, Karma is as such. Karma- Potential energies residing in the inner realm of life which manifest themselves as various results in the future. The Sanskrit word karma originally meant action, which in Buddhism was interpreted to mean mental, verbal and physical actions, that is, thoughts, words and deeds. Every action, both good and evil, imprints a latent influence in one's life. The karma, when activated by an external stimulus, produces a corresponding effect. According to this concept, one's actions in the past has shaped his reality at present, and his actions in the present, in turn, determine his future. This law of karmic causality is said to operate over the three existences of past, present, and future, and it is karma formed in past lifetimes which accounts for the differences with which we are born into this world. In Greater Vehicle Buddhism, it's stored in the alaya. The idea of karma predates Buddhism, but was further developed in the Buddhist teachings. Karma is a potential force to influence one's future. Also called latent karma, non- manifest karma, or karmic seeds. Karma is broadly divided into two types, Immutable and Mutable Karma. Immutable Karma is also called fixed karma. Karma which inevitably produces a fixed result. Mutable Karma in its nature is not absolutely fixed, which can cause small to great shifts without fixed results. Here is why there is the three fold law. When you use your energies in a focused fashion such as casting, you are using Mutable Karma! It can come back depending on the protections an individual has, as much as ten fold with a kicker, if they forcefully send something back on top of the amplified return of the energies sent. Working with energy can, and is, very powerful and will cause you problems if you do not use it correctly. Please remember this the next time you want to take justice into your own hands.

Update: As of June 29, 2021
Karma is Karma, not Probabilities and Statistics. Prob. & Stat. is the science of random generation.
Karma is never random.