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Philosophies for the
21st Century

By the Hai Druid's Wife

July 13, 2021

My husband is the Hai Druid. Do not doubt that. Currently there are certain members of the Druids who have priority in Ye Artisans Lair, and we will be handing out cards personally. Our future dictates that we will only accept applicants who do things by hand and do not replicate things with machines. That is the old ways, and we are returning to them. The females we take in to our home usually need help because of bad parenting and bad decisions in their young lives, although we've had to work with others who were older because their lives were in danger. If you have some information that we do not know, I'm sure my husband would enjoy that very much and may even up priorities for individuals. After all, I was with him before the Druids were even Druids. Nothing personal, but we have our priorities.

We do take in Pagan female apprentices for our business at times. We will also take in Pagan male apprentices who do not live on the church grounds. Apprentices will work on what we need to get done, be it working with leather and making pouches, hand sewing, etc., etc., etc. My husband has a basic knowledge of most fiber arts and metal working. It truthfully depends on where we think their talents lie the best.

There are a few things the general public should understand. Ye Artisans Lair will no longer be participating in the all encompassing Social Media due to unfair business practices. As artists, we want to see your creation of art in action or in multiple sketchbooks containing fantasy and/or Pagan art since that ensures your work and talent. This is due to frauds and fakes who try to pass off somebody else's work as their own. Mostly the SCA idiots.

Ye Artisans Lair is the business front for Church of the Hai Druid because all the laws in our state are written for the Abrahamic tradition. In fact, Buddhists cannot establish temples in this state, either, which if you have read my husband's words, reflect basic core Buddhist philosophy, but you would have had to actually study Buddhism to know that.

We do live in a very poor neighborhood, in an old wooden house with a gorgeous backyard. We believe in living modestly so that we never have to worry about not having enough. We have air conditioners (I mean, it's Oklahoma, come on) but our electric bill is approx. $80-90/month compared to $200+ with central air and heat. We keep our overhead low, so even when COVID hit, it didn't bother us a bit.

If those requirements are met, and you help chip in, it might be possible that you can join our family.

Oh, and do not ever forget, we are Yin/Yang Buddhas. We speak as one and do not like to repeat ourselves. That is because we talk about everything, you stupid f***ing humans! We are not playing. If someone tries to get in between us or does not do what is asked of them / does not pull their own weight, they are gone! You have to earn your position, here. Requirements are requirements, after all.