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21st Century

Words from the Hai Druid


December 16, 2016

This morning my eternal companion spoke to me about a pleasant dream she had. It involved a roller-coaster ride. A symbolic representation to life itself. Why? Well, like a roller-coaster we start out slow. Climbing higher and higher anxiously waiting to get to the top. Heck, I remember as a child actually kind of hopping up and down hoping to get to the top faster. But that is like many youth, wanting to get to adulthood as fast as possible. Thinking, 'this is taking forever, why can't I grow up, now?' But once you reach the top, that is when the ride starts in earnest. Going faster and faster until boom, it's done, which again is symbolic of age itself. The older we get, the more time seems to speed up. The years seem like they pass by faster and faster, until boom, it's done. Does our life have to be that way? No, but how many people out there take time to slow it down? Within our society, it is a constant rat race where it is expected that you do everything right away and then rush to do the next thing. Heck, they even teach artists in college to hurry up and do the work as quickly as possible. But true art takes time and practice to achieve greatness. We hear from time to time the age old question, "Does anyone actually take time to stop and smell the flowers, anymore?" But what does that mean? Well, let me just say that the next time you feel you are on a runaway ride, take time to stop, smell a flower, pet a cat or dog. Take a deep breath, and don't let life speed you along so fast that you don't remember the good things that are around us. Take the time to love life and enjoy those that are around you, for they are part of that ride we call life. I am quite sure you will be glad you did.

So says the Hai Druid.