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The Animalist Nature of Souls

June 06, 2021

While we as Pagans try to learn all we can about energies, it is extremely apparent that some peoples energies do not play well with others. There has been speculation on the causes of this apparent problem. Unfortunately, as most Ancient Druids understand, the core issue lies with the souls journey itself and the primary animal soul. Some cultures refer to these as spirit guides, that you call upon the spirit of the animal you need to learn from to help guide you. This, of course, would be the derivative of any tribal culture as we see in our current time with the Native Americans.

The problem with all of that is you cannot really call a spirit guide from an animal your soul has never been. They do try, but it just doesn't work. You can see better examples from certain subcultures within our current society. Frankly a simplistic example would be dominate personalities and submissive personalities. But animals are more complex than just dominate and submissive. No, you have multiple options that can be easily seen in normal humans today. There are predators, prey, and scavengers. Most people forget about that third type of animal. You see, there are scavenger souls, too. Think about it for a moment. How many of you know at least one person who reminds you of a jackal or vulture? Maybe you know a short little woman that looks like a frightened little mouse and acts just about as neurotic. How many of you know somebody who reminds you of one of those Disney cartoon animals? So since this adequately explains some of those bovines we see with overloaded carts at Wally World, it also brings me to the next issue.

In ancient times this was obvious, but in modern times we must add more animals to the list. We now have domesticated animals, too. So we now have a bunch of domesticated herd animal souls out there. Let alone domesticated predators, too. Let that roll around in your brain for a bit. Could explain why your teenager seems more like a house cat than a human. It's not just the cell phone and video games at work here. It could be that your teenager's soul is a domesticated version. Then again, it is hard to learn life's lessons when you are attached to a cell phone or game controller. Heck, some people think it's funny that I play computer games now. Why not, I have an ancient predator soul. I've earned my rewards in life, as meager as they may be, and now I'm enjoying them. As any animal predator would.

This explains tide pods and other stupid human tricks that are out there in today's society. After all, if the front sheep walks off that cliff, the rest follow. (BBC NEWS 8 July 2005, New Zealand, 1100 went off the cliff, only 400 die cushioning the fall for the rest.) How many of you out there know someone who is so stubborn or stupid or bullheaded or dumb, let alone just plain ignorant, that they keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different response? Those who date certain types of men or women and always get burnt, but never know why. Yeah, those are either domesticated animal souls or souls that just can't get past that karma barrier in soul progression. Good luck with them, you will need it. Predator souls do learn a bit better than prey souls. It is soul reality, predator souls learn the hard way. BUT THEY LEARN! Man is nothing more than a stupid animal trying to learn about its surroundings and the way everything works. But their souls have a tendency to be like the primary animal they once were. Let's put it this way. Those animal souls that learned to survive, survived. Those that didn't, didn't. They are supposed to stay in those animals until they learn the lessons they need to learn, but that is not the case. Most of the human souls we have on earth now haven't spent enough time in animals to learn the lessons of survival. All too soon that will be the downfall of the majority of man itself. What is going to happen when the ice caps can no longer cool the planet will not take that long. The heat acceleration and subsequent Ice Age to follow will take 30 to 50 years, tops. What type of animal soul do you have? Are you a survivor? Or do you want to go belly up and hope the head predator doesn't just rip out your guts? Let alone the biggest question of them all. Do your offspring know how to survive in a land without plenty? I do.